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The challenge that will have you creating video content that converts in 2023

Wednesday - Friday JULY 12th - 14th

9:30AM AEST (Brisbane Time Zone) 

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In This Challenge You’ll Discover…

  • The Complete Step-by-Step process of creating engaging video content that every business owner needs in 2023

  • Creating video content that converts, you will grow your business, feel confident, become a thought leader and have more opportunities come to you than you know how to deal with.

  • How you can show up with confidence at any time on any platform with the skills to hook your audience in from the first 3 seconds

  • The 5 mistakes to avoid when creating video content so you can show up on video with ease, saving you time, missed opportunities and money.  

  • How to properly prepare for being on camera - and the secret step most people miss that is costing people potential clients

Discover how you can have your message Seen, Heard, and Felt on video in 2023



How it works

✔️Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - join a LIVE Zoom training with your Video Coach, JenT at 9:30AM AEST.

✔️Each session will be recorded and be put into a Private Facebook Community that you can rewatch or catch up on the daily sessions.

✔️The hour session each morning is JAM PACKED with valuable content for you to implement immediately.

✔️Download the daily worksheets that you can use over and over again to create your own video content.

✔️Each day you will be given a challenge to complete by the next session.

✔️In the Private Facebook Community, you will also be able to cheer each other on and hear, feel and see the difference within only 3 days! 

Bridie Mann


"Her training not only gave me the skills and knowledge in order to plan and create my content, but also gave me the confidence and empowered me to feel confident in front of the camera..." 

Lorraine Charlecrafte

Zoo Studio

"If you're thinking about discovering how video can help you and your business, get on to JenT now! Don't waste your time, do it now! Best thing ever!..."

Steve Wood

Roaring Success

"What a fantastic experience I have had. 

I started by feeling really nervous about what to expect... as Jen coached me, I got more comfortable and into the flow. I am truly happy with the result I know will come. If you're in business and want to use video, you need to talk to JenT" 

Kylie Walker
That Property Mum

"Jen is so generous with her time... Her knowledge of all things brain, human behavior, and the science behind video is amazing. You'd be crazy not to work with Jen if you want results, actions, and direction. She has a bag of tricks you absolutely need to learn." 

If you want to know the steps and strategies to create video that turns your audience into paying clients, you are in the right place.

Our conversation and this challenge you are about to experience will fundamentally improve how you turn social media into a conversion tool by powerfully presenting on Video.

If you are a leader, speaker, author, or thought leader, the fastest and most effective way of having your message heard is through video. Why limit yourself speaking to a room with a limited amount of people, or spend all of your time helping one person at a time when video allows your message to reach thousands of people at once from around the globe. 

The BIG IDEA is to Creating video content that converts, you will grow your business, feel confident, become a thought leader and have more opportunities come to you than you know how to deal with.


Our GOAL for you to

-       Identify the types of video you should be doing

-       To know how you can show up with confidence at any time on any platform

-       How to properly prepare for creating video content

-       And take the first steps to being a master presenter on camera

And the big goal from this is to

Start converting followers into leads, and then converting them to paying clients.


The Experience I want you to have is unlike ones you’ve done before...

The goal is to have you complete this in 3 days and start seeing results from the first session.

You may have signed up to courses before, started them and then they’ve stayed in your inbox and you’ve never really gotten value from them.


My Goal in all of my programs is not to create content that fills time but gets you to a result faster than doing it on your own…

Saving you time, mistakes, money in the long run…


The biggest mistake people make when creating video content is they make it about themselves…

It doesn’t connect with their audiences and pretty much the video flops… so then they start procrastinating doing video… until it becomes such a big ordeal that they stop doing them all together…


Many people before they work with me, have a belief they are “Not naturally good on camera? Timid?” Lack the confidence….

They think it takes a LONG time taking take after take, then editing… and it's HARD WORK!


The opportunity in this training is to be clear on:

✔️Structure your talking points so you know what you’re going to say, when you’re going to say it

✔️Feel confidence in your ability to make connection through video and KEEP SHOWING UP

✔️The top 5 mistakes NOT to make

✔️How to get camera ready

✔️AND How to remember what you want to say


Will that be valuable? I’m sure it will be


THESE ARE TRIED AND TESTED SKILLS – this training is not just theory; it’s about practically implementing these skills.

AND that is the key thing when learning these skills.


Each session we will be layering in more and more skills that you can … and I hope you do… IMMEDIATELY to start getting results like Kathy.


Kathy joined in the challenge in 2022, she knew she needed to be doing videos and had been dabbling without any great success.

In our storytelling session, she told a passionate story using the formula we gave her.

She posted it in the group, got the most encouraging feedback, then she posted it on her Facebook page.


The story connected so well with her ideal clients that she didn’t just get 1 new client, or 2… SHE GOT 3!!!!

Yep three paying clients from trusting the process, using the formula and sharing it ONCE.

I bet your already thinking … “this resonates with me and where I want to be”


Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping many business owners from many industries grow their business using video…

Yet I wasn’t always a confidence speaker… in fact the thought of presenting on stage or on camera filled me with nerves…


Public speaking was one of my biggest fears… and no wonder because there are 4 fears associated with public speaking and it’s estimated that 75% of the world's population has the fear.

Where it all started for me was I wanted to conquer my fears.

I signed up for a training, I sat there learning the theory, well to be honest, I was so nervous and doubted myself so much, I literally cried my way through the 2 days…

Even though I went through a box of tissues, I thought I had LEARNT everything from doing the theory…

But when the next opportunity came up for me to speak, it was like I had forgotten everything that I had learnt…

So guess what... I invested in MORE Public Speaking Training! 


It’s by implementing over and over again… And in session 1 we are going to speak about Exposure Therapy and how it will help you KEEP showing up and developing the skills you are about to learn.


I knew I wanted to make an impact in people's lives and after the 2nd training I invested in I .was offered the opportunity to become the lead coach and trainer and EmCee for the Public Speaking Coach … all within 3 months of the training… because these strategies work!


While working in the public speaking training arena, what soon came clear was it is very different presenting on stage to presenting on camera.

The fear is a bit different

The hesitation is different

And the strategies, well they are completely different!


With a background in marketing, I started playing around with what the differences were and what really worked on camera…


And it wasn’t until one family day out, we were on a train home, and a complete stranger started introducing me to her whole family… She knew my sons name, husband and started offering my son snacks!


I was so confused… how did this stranger know me so well to be sharing snacks on a train, and I had no idea who she was.


When I asked her, she simply said “I watch all of your videos on facebook”


She felt so connected to me, even though we had never spoken, met or even messaged each other that she could treat me as a long lost friend…

THAT is the power of video, and that’s where my passion for helping other create greater levels of connection with their audience using the power of video.


If you want to be able to attract more people to your business, and create trust and connection, no matter how many videos you have or haven’t already created, this is the challenge for you!

✔️You don’t need any fancy equipment

✔️You don’t need any previous experience

✔️You don’t even need a large following

✔️You just need to trust the process and try these proven strategies on!


All of my clients that trust the process and implement what they learn grow their business…

Because this stuff works! And creates clients!


And I guarantee that if you show up, be open, do the daily challenges, you will have transformation in front of the camera within 72 hours!

The Transformation is REAL

Check out these videos! These are results you can't make up.

Every business owner we've had through this FREE training, done the challenges and trusted the process has had undeniabe transformation from day 1!  

This challenge use to be over 5 days...

But guess what, I get it, you're time poor and don't know if you can commit to doing 5 sessions in 5 days... 

We've condensed all of the best bits of the 5 day challenge into just 3 LIVE SESSIONS!

 You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain from learning the powerful tools, techniques and strategies in this challenge. 

What are you waiting for... 


Hosted by:

JenT - Be The Confident You

Jen (JenT) is an International Award-Winning Presentation Coach. Her passion developed through a crippling fear of public speaking. She had always been a lover of transformation, but it wasn’t until JenT faced her biggest fear of learning the art of public speaking that she found her core passion and mission.

“My passion is helping people have their message seen, heard and felt through video” JenT (the founder) is a Master NLP practitioner, Master Hypnotist, Transformation Speaker, and more that helps creates a rapid change in her clients' confidence and video communication.

After years of working in the public speaking training arena, she recognised that there is a huge difference between presenting on stage to presenting to camera. The fear is different, the hesitation is different, and the strategy is completely different.

JenT has taken over 20+ years of experience, countless hours, and thousands of clients to master the tools and techniques to teach simple ways of creating greater levels of connection through video.

During JenT’s experience, she has developed group online training, corporate training, and one on one coaching to help businesses create webinars, video content and online programs that connect with a multi-faceted style of communication.

Her mission is to help 10,000 business owners grow their business by creating engaging video content.

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